The Salt Of The Earth

We Encourage You To Write The Season And Year Of Your Salt To Compare To Different Orders - But We Know It Won’t Last That Long!

The Taste Of Our Country

By Crafting World-class Artisanal Salts, Produced In Accordance With Ancient Standards And Delivered With Extraordinary Customer Service

The Voice Of The Salt Industry

Salt Has Been Amongst Earth’s Most Abundant And Essential Minerals Since The Dawn Of Time. Today, Salt Helps To Drive Our Economy

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About Us

Pink Himalayan Salt are Pink Salt Exporters from Pakistan. We are a Company known for its export of a wide range of products derived from Khewra Himalayan Rock Salt.Pakistan is blessed with 80% of  the whole natural deposits of salt Globally.

Pink Himalyan Salt has been exporting its products to many countries around the globe including USA, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand , Malaysia ,UAE , KSA China And Britain etc.

What Our Customers Are Saying

You Have Always Provided Us With An Excellent Service. Salt Bags Are Carried To The Storage Area In Our Property, Not Dumped Outside On The Doorstep.

We Supply Trusted Salt Brands

Salt is extracted to be processed further from the famous Himalayan Salt Range that includes Khewra Salt Mine containing the best quality pink salt present all over the world.

In order to build the Trust we can provide you with references In your countries also you can ask relevant embassies to know about us.

Salt has a wide range of uses that primarily include industrial, food, decoration (salt lamps, salt brick wall), and air purification , In Arab world and south east asia its often use as decoration piece to be gifted to tourist/ visitors .also can be use for massage and spa purposes as it has tremendous health benefits.

We only deal in the Himalayan Rock Salt.

The minimum quantity to be shipped is kept to a 20 ft. container. Or for decoration pieces minimum 50 pieces or as negotiated.